At Lima Denture and Implant Solutions we are proud and confident of every denture we fabricate and want our patients to feel equally as confident in the investment they have made in themselves.

We offer all of our patients who have received new dentures from any of our clinics a full guarantee against breakage.

Our guaranteed warranty is valid for the life of your new dentures. To maintain your guarantee we request that you maintain yearly check up appointments to ensure the fit and functionality of your dentures, and that you follow any further treatments as recommended by your denturist such as (although not limited to) relines or implant part changing.

This guarantee is void once new dentures have been recommended to you by your denturist, as your denture health is of utmost importance.

At Lima Denture and Implant Solutions we aspire to provide all of our patients with dentures that function properly and deliver a beautiful smile without the concerns of breakage.

  • Westboro
    797 Richmond Rd.,
    Ottawa, ON
    (613) 728-5532

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  • Nepean
    302-1580 Merivale Rd.,
    Ottawa, ON
    (613) 224-1001

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  • Downtown
    1535 Bank St, Unit A
    Ottawa, ON
    (613) 526-1234

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  • Perth
    33 Wilson St W,
    Perth, ON
    (613) 264-5452

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