The 30-Year History of Service

Joseph Lima has been in the dental profession since 1983. His passion for the profession has lead Joseph to become a Registered Dental Technologist in Ontario and Quebec, as well as a Denturist. Having an on-site laboratory enables Joseph to customize dentures to every individual’s aesthetic needs and function. Joseph’s extensive experience in the dental field ensures his patients quality workmanship and expertise in dealing with any denture or implant related situation. Joseph’s goal is to make every patient feel confident with their smile, and he is always ready to discuss and explain treatment options. Joseph’s professional and friendly manner inspires trust in his patients.

Joseph’s passion for his profession has inspired not only those around him but also his own family. Michael Lima and Adam Lima, his two sons, have chosen to join Joseph in his passion by becoming fully licenced and practicing Denturists. As family members standing side by side, they hope to improve the lives of countless people.

Why Choose Our Denture Clinic?

Artistry of a natural looking smile

We specialize in providing and servicing artistic, high quality, state of the art, life-like, hand crafted dental restorations to our patients with an emphasis on comfort, privacy and respect for our patient’s needs.

Focus on overall health, comfort and well-being

We look at our patient’s overall health during treatment and stress that maintaining proper fit and function of dental restorations is vital to maintaining healthy digestive function. Poorly fitting or old dental restorations can contribute quickly to failing appearance, self-esteem and health, including cardiovascular problems and issues relating to diabetes.

Innovative implant supported dentures

Implant supported restorations are one of the Clinic’s specialties and the majority of health conscious denture wearers are opting for this treatment option to improve the overall fit, function and appearance of their restorations. Placement of dental implants is a simple dental office procedure that can be done in about an hour. The procedure is becoming almost as common as placing a filling!

Ongoing care and service for better results

Contrary to popular belief, all dentures and dental restorations should be checked and examined on an annual basis. If your dental restorations are breaking under function this is usually an indication that there is a fit or functional problem that should be rectified promptly.Without the placement of dental implants the shrinkage and damage to bone and soft tissue is accelerated.

For confidence and security in your smile, contact our denture clinic to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.

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