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Dentures must provide a maximum of aesthetic quality to improve your self-confidence and, consequently, your social life! Dentures that are too old and that have poor aesthetic quality can make you look much older that you are. When they are too sunken in and the teeth are not very visible, they make the person look older. It’s very important to provide for sufficient lip support when crafting dentures.

Ever notice how the natural teeth of a young person are always more visible than those of an older person? The lack of visibility of the older person’s teeth is due to the wear and tear of the natural dentition and sagging of the muscles around the mouth. From an aesthetic perspective, it’s easy to rejuvenate a person’s appearance in a short period of time by hand crafting beautiful, properly positioned dentures. However, it goes without saying that it’s just as important to tend to the denture’s functional features.

Implants are not always a possibility for some people so precision dentures are usually the next best option.

There are three types of full dentures:

  • Precision cosmetic dentures
  • Semi-precision dentures
  • Centric dentures

Precision cosmetic dentures, or equilibrated dentures, are designed with special attention to provide the most natural-looking aesthetics. They also follow your specific anatomic chewing movements as much as possible.

Precision cosmetic dentures are therefore more stable and allow for quicker adaptation and greater comfort. They are strongly recommended to all denture wearers, especially those whose lower ridge is more severely resorbed, or who suffer from cracking and joint pain in the jaw. At Lima Denture and Implant Solutions, we create these types of dentures only, utilizing superior products from companies such as Ivoclar BPS, Swissdent, and others.

We recommend changing or replacing your conventional dentures every 5 to 7 years however it is not uncommon for patients to have their dentures changed or adjusted after 2 to 3 years for hygienic or esthetic reasons.

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