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Teeth Grinding Guard

Ongoing management of bruxism (teeth grinding) is based on minimizing the abrasion of tooth surfaces by the wearing of an acrylic splint, designed to the shape of an individual's upper or lower teeth from a bite mold. Bruxism splints are obtained through visits to our clinic and should be monitored for fit and wear. There are four possible goals of this treatment:

  • constraint of the bruxing pattern such that serious damage to the temporomandibular joints are prevented
  • stabilization of the occlusion by minimizing the gradual changes to the positions of the teeth that typically occur with bruxism
  • prevention of tooth damage
  • enabling of a bruxism practitioner to judge—in broad terms—the extent and patterns of bruxism through examination of the physical indentations on the surface of the splint.

A bruxism splint is typically worn on a long-term basis during every night's sleep. Although bruxism splints are a first response to tooth grinding, they do not in fact help cure it. Your physician or other health care professionals should be consulted to determine the underlying cause.

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