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Precision Partial Dentures

The replacement of individual lost teeth as soon as possible after the loss of the tooth is critical for the maintenance of optimum oral health.

When a natural tooth is extracted and not replaced, the remaining teeth tend to drift closer together into vacant space. They will fill the gap left by the extraction over time. This movement can create problems with the overall bite, or occlusion of the patient’s remaining teeth, leading to more difficulty eating, hygiene, and possible jaw joint problems.

This is the function of the precision partial denture - to restore esthetics, and chewing function and maintain proper spacing.

Whenever dental implants are not a viable option for you, the removable partial is the next best option. There are different types of partial dentures, those that are of all resin or plastic construction and those that are precision cast in a metal such as titanium. The all plastic partial denture is generally considered to be only a temporary option while the precision cast partial is much more precise fitting and is more esthetic, hygienic, and gentler on the oral tissues.

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