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Immediate Dentures

Have your new smile immediately!

You shouldn’t have to wait several weeks for your mouth to heal after your tooth extractions – or feel self-conscious for an additional month while your dentures are being made. When our dentist colleague removes your unhealthy teeth, your new partial or complete immediate denture will be ready to be inserted.

Ready to wear on the same day

Before your natural teeth are extracted, we will create an immediate complete denture or partial denture that is ready to wear on the same day as your treatment. By working closely with our dentist, we will make sure that your immediate denture can be inserted immediately after your unhealthy teeth are extracted.

Giving you time to heal

After approximately three months, your tissue and gums will heal. Because your gums will change shape, you will need either a denture reline or a new denture. Depending on your individual needs, we may advise that your immediate denture is a temporary solution, and create a new denture once all healing has taken place.

Enjoy real confidence, every day

In our experience, losing even a single tooth can be an upsetting personal experience. For many of our patients, living with one or several missing teeth has had a big impact on their self-esteem. Immediate dentures from Lima Denture and Implant Solutions can transform both the way you feel about yourself and the way you interact with others. Enjoy new confidence to make the most of every day with the people around you.

For confidence and security in your smile, contact our denture clinic to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.